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Is your account secure? Frequently individual’s internet accounts are being hacked and the information stolen. By implementing 2-step verification on all your accounts means your personal data remains private. In this blog post I am sharing with you what 2-step verification is and how to easily set it up.   Online Accounts We use online […]

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Inbox by Google – A New Email Experience

I have been using Google’s new Inbox, an alternative to its traditional email program and quite like it! Its a mix of Gmail, calendar and google now and acts like a to-do list and may even make emailing more fun! Here are some highlights: Available for Apple and Android phones and tablets and using […]

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How safe is your data

How to Erase your phone when it is lost or stolen

We keep a lot of important information of a personal, business and financial nature on our phones and tablets. So how can you erase that information from your mobile device when it goes missing or is stolen with your Google or Apple account? Phones and tablets the everyday tools we use for work and play. Fast […]

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Undo sent email quickly

      In our fast track lives of emailing, texting, high speed broadband and smartphone apps; everything is done in a split second and if you are like me sometimes a bit hastily! So if you have sent an email by mistake in gmail how do you stop it sending? From my experience with […]

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IT Hound review's Google's 2-step verification

How does Google’s 2-step verification protect your Gmail or Google Apps account?

These days it is commonplace to have the same password which is used to access more than one website and we are working more  in public places like coffee shops and airports. Both of these factors make it easy for your account to be hacked and your information to be stolen. That’s why Google have […]

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Review of the new Gmail App for iPhone and iPad

Gmail app for iPhone now available on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad) in the App store. So what’s great about it and how will it change your emailing experience on your mobile device? Android tablet and mobile users have had the gmail app since day one and for those of you who run your […]

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10 reasons to use Google Drive for online documents

I am between properties and have two months to spare without a home, so I’ve decided to live with my family up in Staffordshire. My usual location is London and I wanted to really test remote working and using Google for Work for creating documents online. Ordinarily for a traditional business, this type of move would pose […]

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The challenges for storing and communicating business information

Information is the key ingredient to running our businesses. It can come in many forms; however we are not really using that information to make informed accurate decisions and connect with out customers easily. This article will help explain why a lot of businesses do not really have key business information at their fingertips and […]

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Why should you move your business online

Online can be for some businesses a scary place full of insecurities and complex ways of workings. However these are both myths and if you can move both your files and communications online, you can really open up your business to new clients, colaborations with other businesses and substancially reduce your operating costs. Both small […]

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Going to “Gracelands” and working remotely

One man and his bike head off to Gracelands in Kensal Green London in search of some mobile working and shows just how easy it is to work away from your desk and have all your business with you using Google Apps for Business. Well in the UK we are having some splendid weather and […]

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