Intelligent Technologies

I am Carl, the IT Hound, a technology consultant who is passionate about using Intelligent Technologies (IT) and helping you use them.

I show you ways in which your business can operate more efficiently online using Google for Work, how you can integrate smart technologies at home and flow more with the healthy use of devices in your life.

My background is in IT support using various computer and mobile technologies including Android, Apple and Microsoft. I am Google specialist and can show you how to integrate their systems into your personal and work life. I also have a working knowledge of solar panels to help you get off-grid!

My approach is in understanding exactly what you want to do, drilling into your requirements, coming up with the right solutions and implementing them for you with training.

I offer a personalised service to clients using proven technologies that are tested by me and easy to use. So if you want to experience a fresh approach to IT then get in touch to find out more.