Technology in your hands

A lot of our information whether business or personal is stored online in the cloud. This means that we have instant access to things like documents, presentations, photos, music etc. I feel it is important to get the right device to access this information, one that is going to last and that is easy to use!

There are an amazing variety of devices available, be it mobile smart phones, cameras,tablets, wearable technology, entertainment systems and computers. Sometimes this can seem confusing so working out which one will help you do what is where I come in.

With sustainability in mind I have a “one size fits all” approach to devices giving you technology that will last and also protect your wallet. I feel we have become information junkies so learning how not to use a device is just as important as how to use it.

I am a geek at heart so you can be sure that learning and using your device will be fun and easy – no lengthy user manuals to read and instead you get my phone and remote support to get you going easily.

The following is a list of the kind of things I can help you with:

  • Presenting photos, videos and presentations from your phone to a TV using a ChromeCast
  • Streaming music around your home or office with Sonos
  • Using Android phones and tablets
  • Taking advantage of Google Chromebooks
  • How to connect all your mobile devices at the same time when you don’t have Wi-Fi

…and there is so much more!