Better performing businesses

Martin Bryne, Director, Business Protect and 4Networking regional leader


Alex Keith, London SW11

“Thank you so much for all your help in sorting out our IT nightmare! The Synology Diskstation that you have installed has made our lives so much easier. My husband and I can now access all our photos and music from any computer, we have an enormous amount of space to store everything and there is a continuous backup. You have remained calm, patient and extremely helpful throughout the whole process, despite being asked some ridiculous questions from me who knows nothing about IT. I would recommend Carl to anyone.”

Peter Ranford, Ranfotax, Tax and Accounting Consultancy

“Following your rapid response at the beginning of the week to my most recent SOS message, I filed successfully at HMRC. I haven’t come to grief subsequently – all appears to be working well for me. Thanks for your ongoing support, which is massively reassuring.”

Nisha Samuel, VFX Compositor, NishaSamuel

“I have recently been working on a movie project and needed a way to send my visual effect shots to the producer who was in another country. IT Hound has enabled me to work remotely, collaborate on the project and upload final film shots without even having to spend time and money attending meetings.”

Angela Mamarella, Operations Director,

“Cannot believe how much work we got done today. Carl worked for over 8 hours non stop and by the time he was gone, my huge techie to-do list was done. Carl was efficient, calm, helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly to work with. Above all, he put systems in place for me that are going to make life a breeze. Thank you Carl, your work was simply outstanding.”

Aaron Clancy, Superior Online Marketing

“Carl at IT Hound really knows his stuff when it comes to integrating your business with the cloud. Google Apps has enabled me to get all my emails in one place, hosted externally, while also being able to synch my calendar and my contacts with my iPhone! Google Apps can seem overwhelming, but with Carl’s priceless knowledge of technology, including Google Apps, it made the whole process a piece of cake.

My time on email has been cut down from 4 hours a day to 2 hours because of this transformation. I can now spend my time creating revenue streams instead of cleaning my inbox!”

Russell Hanson, The London Handyman,

“IT Hound showed me a much better and cheaper way of doing things using cloud technology”.

Barry Sutton, Director, Smile3, London

“Fantastically impressed by IT Hound. As an IT illiterate you have enabled me to access and manage my emails and diary in a way that I could not imagined previously. In addition the ability to access everything from any pc anywhere in the world, using Google Apps has saved me having to carry my laptop everywhere. Worth every penny and more!”

Chantal Kayrta, CK9 dog training, Surrey

“IT Hound has been brilliant in setting up Google Apps on my laptop/Blackberry/iPad and showing me how it all works. He makes it easy to understand and is always quick and patient in answering my endless questions!”

Chris Hunt, Chartered Surveyor, Surrey

“Great service, thanks. Not only a faster computer but your sensible advice means I have files now safely backed up, yet accessible from any computer.”

Neil Humphries, Studio Maximus, graphic design in Kingston, Surrey

“Thanks to IT Hound’s guidance with synchronising my email across multiple devices, I am one step closer to working in the cloud. If you want to release yourself from the shackles of desktop software without getting caught up in jargon and geek speak, have a word with IT Hound about the power of Google Apps.”

Jon Ryder, fullstop.newparagraph, London

“Using Google Apps makes a massive difference to my business. I’ve gone from a mess of emails, address books, documents and calendars, to what feels like a very intuitively organised system, all perfectly synced, and available on all my computers.”

Helen Kemsley, Avenue Events (South)

“IT Hound saves us heartache, frustration and wasted time and delivers first class professional service.”

Eleana Needham, The Healing Pond, Surrey

“The IT Hound is an absolute godsend! His knowledge of PC problems and glitches is unparalleled and he has breathed life into our ailing company systems more than once.”

Catherine Edwards, Sandra Cronan Antique Fine Jewellery, London

“IT Hound has revolutionized our office, finally making us more efficient increasing our capabilities through installing drop box and setting us all up with networked i phones. Plus our back-up system is now infinitely more secure, and automatic.”

Shelley Hugh Jones garden design, London

“Very consumer friendly and explains the problems and their resolutions in a clear un-techy way.”

Adam Stiles, Keystone Wealth Management, London

“I’ve used IT Hound on more than one occasion, and as a person who knows little about technology, it’s great to have someone I can trust and someone I know will get the job done with minimal fuss or interruption to my business. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Mary Boston, Owner, Firefly Interiors, London

“As a small business owner it is vital that I am able to communicate effectively while away from my office, so having centralised email and calendar that I can access from literally anywhere in the world (and have done!) is immeasurably useful, and now my Blackberry is set up alongside I really can communicate anywhere with ease.”

Chris Maynard, Director, Think Inc, London

“IT Hound helped me to think through what was needed next and to set up my system so I could get there, one step at a time and in my own slightly hesitant way – as opposed to leaping in at the deep end.”

Loic Especel, Interwoven (Autonomy), Paris

“Carl from IT Hound is a very talented and passionated expert, on many occasions he helped me in improving productivity. His skills in speaking French also helped my team in critical situations.”

KCR Gardening, London

“IT Hound plays an important role in the efficient running of my business and I feel fortunate to have found this service.”

Peter Waller, Film and Television Producer, London

“IT Hound’s professional attitude and wealth of knowledge are ideal for the person who has an office at home and relies on their systems being secure and up to date.”