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We all store sensitive and confidential information on our computers – so what happens if you lose it or worse its stolen? Can encrypting your computer protect the information stored on it?   Who are you hiding your data from? Let’s get clear on this, its not the security services like CIA, NSA, MI5 you […]

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Touch screen on a Chromebook


I wanted a change from the traditional Windows and Apple computers so I got a Chromebook and have been using it for the past month. Here is my review.   Why change my computer (again!)? Over the years, I have used various traditional computers running Windows or Apple operating systems. Some have physically broken, others […]

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Use a headset at all times

How to protect yourself from phone radiation

Phone radiation is a known fact and simply using one or having it near you can affect your health. So how do you minimise the risks associated with mobile phone use?   The health effects of using a mobile phone In my blog “Mobile Phone Radiation and your Health” I explored the damaging effects of […]

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X -ray of person holding a phone

Mobile phone radiation and your health

  We all have mobile phones (over three billion worldwide), but what are the health issues associated with using a phone on our bodies? In this blog, I want to break open the mystery surrounding their usage and get clear on the facts. The information I present here is a mixture of research by SaferWave, […]

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Inbox by Google – A New Email Experience

I have been using Google’s new Inbox, an alternative to its traditional Gmail.com email program and quite like it! Its a mix of Gmail, calendar and google now and acts like a to-do list and may even make emailing more fun! Here are some highlights: Available for Apple and Android phones and tablets and using […]

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An Eight Year Milestone for the IT Hound

An Eight year milestone for the IT Hound Its been over eight years that I have been in some way or form supporting  client’s IT systems. In that time technologies have evolved and so have I –  This blog is aimed at updating you with what I am doing now and sharing some new and exciting technologies that […]

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How safe is your data

How to Erase your phone when it is lost or stolen

We keep a lot of important information of a personal, business and financial nature on our phones and tablets. So how can you erase that information from your mobile device when it goes missing or is stolen with your Google or Apple account? Phones and tablets the everyday tools we use for work and play. Fast […]

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Smart Thermostats – How to save money and use less energy

Smart Thermostats are a great way to control and monitor your home’s heating. This article is all about introducing you to them and highlighting  how they can save you money and reduce your energy consumption.         What are Smart Thermostats? A smart thermostat is like a thermometer with a built in sensor […]

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Undo sent email quickly

      In our fast track lives of emailing, texting, high speed broadband and smartphone apps; everything is done in a split second and if you are like me sometimes a bit hastily! So if you have sent an email by mistake in gmail how do you stop it sending? From my experience with […]

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Google Drive Cloud Storage has arrived

Launched this month, Google’s GDrive enables you to save files locally on your computer and automatically back them up online. IT Hound reviews how it works and the benefits for businesses.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKJ9KzGQq0w How it works Users of Gmail and Google for Work have always been able to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations online in a browser using Google […]

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