Who is the IT Hound?

About IT HoundTechnology in any shape or form has been a passion of mine for a long time – I remember just how excited I got using a digital watch that could store telephone numbers back in the eighties! Even though I started out my working life as a trainer it did involve technology in the form of retail store till systems and helping employees to use them.

I have always enjoyed learning new systems and quickly understanding how to use them efficiently and for me the fun happens when I see others using them too. My main aim being the IT Hound is to take that weight off your shoulders, make you feel at ease and safe in the knowledge that you are in expert hands!

I started IT Hound providing IT support to homes and families, this progressed to small businesses. With the onset of the cloud my clients come from all walks of life and if the technology has a pulse you can bet I’ll want to help you use it.

Technology wether its at home or in the office should be fun to learn and use. That’s why I talk to you in layman’s terms, not ‘techie’ jargon, ensuring that you feel relaxed, supported and understood.

I’m also aware that technology to an extent has become addictive and in some cases distracts us from living our daily lives and affects our health. That’s why I only recommend devices and apps that really help us.

My recent addition to IT Dog House is renewable energy technologies and home automation; both of which are designed to free us from the daily grind and inspire us to make a difference.