Review of the new Gmail App for iPhone and iPad

Gmail app for iPhone now available on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad) in the App store.

So what’s great about it and how will it change your emailing experience on your mobile device?

Android tablet and mobile users have had the gmail app since day one and for those of you who run your business email using Google Apps for Business; it has been a gem mirroring what you do online with your pocket!

So now you can do all the magical things you do online at in the palm of your hand like:

  • Carry out powerful searches that take mere milliseconds in comparison to the iPhone’s mail app
  • See a full view of all your labels (folders) next to the email you are reading
  • Expand conversation threads so you can see a full history of all replies and forwards relating to the same message
  • Keep track of important messages with Priority Inbox and ones you have starred
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type even if they are not in your address book and you have emailed them before
  • Send and receive attachments which you can’t do with the inbuilt iPhone mail app.
It’s a step in the right direction and still needs some of the key gmail features like:
  • Being able to send from multiple email address for business owners who run many companies.
  • Include a graphical email signature at the bottom of each message
One major surprise is that it only allows you to synchronise one email account whereas the mobile browser version enables you switch between multiple accounts.
Looking forward to see how this app develops…You can install it direct from the Appstore on your iOS mobile device.

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