How to protect yourself from phone radiation

Phone radiation is a known fact and simply using one or having it near you can affect your health. So how do you minimise the risks associated with mobile phone use?


The health effects of using a mobile phone

Thermographic Image after 15 mins

Thermographic Image of a human head after 15 minutes of phone use

In my blog “Mobile Phone Radiation and your Health” I explored the damaging effects of using a mobile phone. Summarised here, a mobile or smart phone emits a wave form frequency which pulses 217 times a second. It’s this frequency which is out of sync with your body’s natural rhythm and affects the cells and organs of your body resulting in symptoms ranging from heating up, lack of concentration to cancers and organ dysfunction.


Reduce your usage

We have become dependent on our phones and tablets for everyday use so suggesting you stop using it all together would be an impossible task. However if you are aware of the health effects then maybe you can also become conscious of your usage. Maybe limit phone usage to once an hour, read a book instead of reading on your smartphone or only open certain apps on your computer (i.e. email) instead of your smart phone.


Don’t wear your phone!

Phone still radiates in a pocket

Avoid storing your phone in pockets

Even if phones have become  fashion statements,  you don’t have to wear them!

For the guys, it’s quite normal to have an extra bulge in your pocket, but just think what the phone might be doing to your body. If you are considering having children, studies have shown  that the low-level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) a mobile devices emits lowers sperm mobility by 8%,

For the ladies, I don’t recommend keeping a phone near your breasts as the soft tissue readily absorbs phone radiation leading to tumors.


Hold the phone away from your head

Researchers at SaferWave recommend holding your phone at least 20 cms away from you – whilst this may be practical to use the speakerphone when you are alone, using the speakerphone on public transport or in an office isn’t practical.


Use a headset at all times

Use a headset at all times

Use a headset

By using a headset you can achieve the 20 cm distance and become hands free with the task in hand rather than balancing a phone under your ear and pretty much

frying your brain.


saferwave kit on iphone

A simple sticker and wire clamp to prevent harmful radiation

Use the “SaferWave” Phone Protector to reduce radiation by 98%

All three of the previously mentioned ways are essential in my mind however, they  don’t stop the radiation from completely reaching your body. The team at SaferWave have spent a decade researching ways to address the radiation and have come up with a very simple kit called the SaferWave Phone Protector.

The SaferWave Phone Protector is a two piece kit which literally changes the shape of the radiation being emitted from your phone and also protects any emissions travelling up a headset cable. The result is a removal of up to 98% of the biological effects of radiation on your body by making the waves safer.

The SaferWave Phone Protector

The SaferWave Phone Protector removes up to 98% of all harmful radiation

The SaferWave Phone Protector is a small adhesive micro thin label that can easily be placed inside the battery compartment of mobile phones and DECT phones, or directly to the back of the phone where the battery unit is sealed. It also includes a special ferrite Headset unit which clamps neatly around the cable leading to your headset.

SaferWave fits all phones and PCs, and can later be moved to your new model.


10% off your SaferWave Phone Protector

My preferred supplier Bio Energy Products who have a range of health and vitality products to protect you whilst using technology.  You can buy the SaferWave Phone Protector for £49.94 (10% off if you use the code “ITHOUND10”).


Can you reduce the effects of Phone radiation?

My research has led me to believe that you can make some small but effective steps to limit the radiation being emitted from your phone while still being able to use it and carry on with your life.


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