Google Drive for online working

Software packages like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint has been traditionally used to create documents, manage finances and deliver presentations. Google Drive (previously Google Docs) provides an alternative way to manage your business information online.

These days the cost of licensing such software is proving too expensive, especially when you consider the amount of time and resources taken to install and update each individual computer.

Working together on projects used to be straight forward when the file in question was on a local server in the office – but now team members could be spread across the globe and using email to collaborate really is too slow an option.

Today, companies are moving towards storing files online (in the cloud) as a place to create and manage documents. This means there is no software to install, no backups to set up and documents open up instantly wherever you are and there are no upgrade costs.

As part of the Google for Work suite, Google Drive provides you with a space for all your teams to collaborate on important projects where documents and spreadsheets can be instantly accessed on any device, mobile, computer or online via an internet browser.

I can help you move to Google Drive by taking your existing documents, move them to the cloud and show you ways in which you can collaborate more easily by having all your files with you wherever you are. You can even edit your existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files too inside Google Drive without  installing Microsoft Office!

If you would like find out just how much time and money you could be saving with Google Drive, check out my report “10 reasons to use Google Apps for online documents“.