ransomware, the new theft

ransomware, the new theft

There has been a lot of hype in the “lamestream” media concerning ransomeware attacks and I am sure you have better things to do with your time than get sucked into the media hysteria? So here is a quick way to protect yourself easily using “RansomeFree”


Ransomware is where as a result of opening an email attachment, clicking on an internet link, connecting to a public wifi or somehow your Windows computer has become compromised; files on your Windows computer are locked and you are forced to pay a ransom in Bitcoins (a brilliant alternative to pounds and dollars!).

I presonally haven’t seen any computer infected with ransomeware but that might be because all my clients have “Ransomfree” installed or it may simply be a pieceĀ  of proganda designed to discourage people from using Bitcoin…who knows!
If you haven’t installed “Ransomefree” please click on the link below, install it and in future when it prompts you to update, please do immediately:


Click here to install RansomeFree on your Windows computer

To check wether you all ready have it installed, take a look at the bottom right of your screen, left of the clock and you should see a blue owl icon – this means you have ransomfree installed.



Disclaimer – You are responsible for the emails you open, internet links you click and open wireless networks you connect to – if in doubt delete, don’t click and always use a VPN on public wireless connections.

Have a great day and if you are unsure about any of this and want to review your IT security, get in touch.
Carl the IT Hound

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