Google for Work

The internet has truly revolutionised the way we communicate and share business information (emails, documents, contacts, photos, videos etc), ideas can be conveyed instantly from a phone in your pocket and we can turn around projects, receive orders and deliver anywhere in the world within minutes online.

The trend has moved from storing our business information on computer hard drives to the cloud. So-called “cloud computing” literally means that you don’t have to worry about managing and securing business information yourself; instead you can rely on cloud products like Google for Work to manage your data leaving you to focus on running your business.

So why Choose Google for Work? Google is a cloud-based company and has the infrastructure designed to store and make available  all your business information  24/7 when you need it.

Google provide easy, fun and familiar ways for you to access and share this information using either a web browser or an app on your  phone. There is no costly software to install, update and protect from viruses! You can send emails using Gmail, create documents and spreadsheets in Google Drive, edit videos and photos with Google photos , collaborate with team members using video hangouts and share with clients  and community your latest ideas on Google+.

I am a Google for Work specialist and can help you move your business to Google easily, train you how to use their apps and give you ideas along the way that will help transform the way you work. I rely on Google for Work to run my business, it’s non-technical and easy to use apps means I have a lot of fun helping other businesses to do the same.

To find how Google for Work can have a positive impact on your business, read my  blog “The benefits of moving your business online“.