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10 reasons to use Google Drive for online documents

I am between properties and have two months to spare without a home, so I’ve decided to live with my family up in Staffordshire. My usual location is London and I wanted to really test remote working and using Google for Work for creating documents online. Ordinarily for a traditional business, this type of move would pose […]

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Why should you move your business online

Online can be for some businesses a scary place full of insecurities and complex ways of workings. However these are both myths and if you can move both your files and communications online, you can really open up your business to new clients, colaborations with other businesses and substancially reduce your operating costs. Both small […]

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Create your own virtual office, anytime, anyplace, anywhere…

I often come into contact with businesses small and large who are doing really well, fabulous client base and incredible profit lines…however they are still tied to their computer in there office which prevents them from being out there connecting with customers. Creating your own virtual office enables you to work on a more flexible […]

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