Google for Play

The Google universe is not just for work; you can have fun with it too and all you need is a Google Account. With one account you can securely access all your personal information, photos, docs and music online. You are free to change and share as much as you like, from any phone, tablet or computer and at any location.

Storing your information online means there is no need for backups  and security is strong with Google’s 2 step verification. Being on a plane or underground isn’t a problem either as you can access it all offline too.

I help you get your stuff securely uploaded then provide training so you can get it organised online, provide tips and tricks so you can  easily access it whenever you want and share with friends and loved ones

Here is a list of the fun things I can help you with:

  • Use your TV to show everything from your phone or tablet with a Google Chromecast
  • Automatically back up every photo and video you take on your phone then organise them into albums and share on Google+
  • Chat to the whole family in a Google Hangout
  • Lost your phone – How to Delete personal stuff from your tablet and phone immediately
  • Create beautiful photos, edit them directly on your phone or online
  • Access all your music collection from any device for free