Health Technology

We truly live in a technological age where information is literally at our fingertips.

Powered by NatureThe rhythms of our lives tend to be dictated by the systems we use rather than by nature. More and more humans are being diagnosed with diseases and illnesses. Modern science is beginning to recognise that pills and potions don’t cure us and there are some proven health technologies that can:

  • Clear your homes and offices from dust, smells and purify the air using Ozonizers.
  • Whole house and drinking water filtration systems – concerned about the effects of tap water and lead pipes on your health and want your water to be of the highest mineral content and prevent illnesses?
  • Reduce the EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation emitted from electrical and wireless devices like smart phones and computers using the SaferWave protection system?
  • Over 100 years ago we would live connected to the earth either barefoot or wearing leather shoes. Now we wear plastic soled shoes that don’t conduct electricity. Using earthing mats at home or in the office connects us immediately to the earth so we can sleep well and recover quickly from illnesses.