Inbox by Google – A New Email Experience

Inbox by Google
I have been using Google’s new Inbox, an alternative to its traditional email program and quite like it! Its a mix of Gmail, calendar and google now and acts like a to-do list and may even make emailing more fun!
Here are some highlights:
  • Available for Apple and Android phones and tablets and using a browser like Chrome on your computer
  • Synchronises with Gmail so if Inbox isnt for you dont worry as everything will be mirrored back there
  • Inbox treats your emails like a to-do list and assumes you want to do something with literally every email​ – just because you have read an email doesn’t mean you are finished with it!​
  • You can tick an email once you are done with it (akin to archiving in normal Gmail)You can also schedule an email to be a reminder – lets say a supplier sends you an invoice due in a month’s time you can set a date where it will remind you
  • Helps you include certain labels (folders) to appear bundled in your inbox – there are the usual Primary, Updates, Promotions and Forum and you can add your own label to sit there too ( I pick up personal emails using a different address which filters to a label so now I can have a combined inbox of work and personal)
  • Three functions to Inbox namely Pin (to another label), Snooze (remind you later) and Done (tick to make it go away)
  • Google Now is also incorporated so reminders about flights, events and information on delivery for goods you have ordered automatically display
  • Works with free and Google Apps for Work accounts

Where to sign up:

I’d love to know how you get on with it and please ask any questions in the comments section below.

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