Going to “Gracelands” and working remotely

One man and his bike head off to Gracelands in Kensal Green London in search of some mobile working and shows just how easy it is to work away from your desk and have all your business with you using Google Apps for Business.

Well in the UK we are having some splendid weather and as the heat creapt in through my kitchen window and the wobblyness and squeakiness of the kitchen table began to irritate me further; I forgot the fact that I dont actually have to work from anyone location. So I jumped on my bicycle and headed off to “Gracelands” (just a reminder that I’m in the UK so I wasn’t about to get all hitched up in gold and silver and start singing Elvis style – instead “gracelands” is my local trendy cafe that serves yummy food in Kensal Green London).

Once there I opened up my iPad and began munching on a fabulous salad full of exquisite ingredients. I use Google Apps for Business for my communications so any emails I write, delete or change are automatically updated the moment I return, so a real timesaver. Once that was sorted and the Americano arrived it was time to enter the Rapid Leverage Forum and connect with other like minded internet marketers and check in on any updates on google+. Then desert arrived and I finally to begin writing a proposal using Google Docs for a client who wants to ditch their server in favour of a more mobile ways of working!

From a personal level I feel so much more energised and motivated working away from the home/office rather than being stuck in the same place every day. I can of course work anywhere because all my data and communications are securely stored in the cloud – but I wonder just how limiting it must be for a business who can only access that presentation or email when they are in the office or indeed how much it is costing them to pay for office space and IT support for a server that is using high amounts of electricity. I imagine giving staff the freedom to become more creative outside of the office, feel more motivated because of the change of environments can only increase their well being as well.

It really is a reality that we can have right here right now, to work anywhere we chose giving us that ultimate flexibility and to create cost saving ways to run our businesses.

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