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I often come into contact with businesses small and large who are doing really well, fabulous client base and incredible profit lines…however they are still tied to their computer in there office which prevents them from being out there connecting with customers. Creating your own virtual office enables you to work on a more flexible and mobile basis.

The one thing that holds us back from working away from our desks is the information we are saving (files and emails) and where we are saving them. A lot of business owners are still managing their critical business information as if the internet never existed!

Typically I am finding companies that have some of their emails in Micrososft Outlook, odd address books on an iPhone which they plug in to their laptop to update it. The same goes for documents, they are hidden in any number of locations. All of this information is not updating all the devices that the person uses and in my mind if you dont have a central place for all your inforation that is accessible “anytime any place, anywhere” (those old enough will remember the Martini advert? ) then you really can’t make informed decisions.

The internet is really secure these days and we rely on it to do our banking, so why not our files and communications? its very much a change of how we work, in fact using services such as Google Apps for Business for our communications and Egnyte Cloud File Server for our files actually makes life simpler (add on one device, the other gets it too; update on your phone and your desktop computer mirrors the change). Now all business users have to do is change something once and forget about it.

I’d love to hear about your file and email synchronisation problems and help steer you to a more peaceful and productive life; please leave comments to this blog.

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