An Eight Year Milestone for the IT Hound

An Eight year milestone for the IT Hound

Something always needed my attention eight years ago!

Its been over eight years that I have been in some way or form supporting  client’s IT systems. In that time technologies have evolved and so have I –  This blog is aimed at updating you with what I am doing now and sharing some new and exciting technologies that you can get involved with.

Eight years ago we were still using dial-up internet, phones had buttons and IT support consisted of computer installations, upgrades, viruses and backups. All of which took some time to care and fix. Back then I always thought there was a barrier to technology and you had to be a geek, guru or techie to be able to even touch those IT systems!

How the cloud has changed everything

Now that we have moved into the cloud age I rarely get called to fix problems because most clients information is neatly stored somewhere at a Google data centre using their Google for Work account. From emails to documents in Google Drive and from photos to videos, literally everything is accessible from a device in our pocket. Storing information in the cloud means there is no such thing as an upgrade, backup or virus; a document or photo originating on your phone is immediately accessible on your computer. Now I  am helping customers to access their data using apps on their Android/Apple phones and tablets and Google Chromebooks and showing them simple ways to use and share that information with others.

Branching out into the new Intelligent Technologies

Even the logo’s eye changes from an @ sign to a real eye

Offering cloud technologies to clients  has created a space for me to also look at some new technologies and follow my passion for sustainability. Now I am  helping people to generate energy through solar panels and use an array of new home automation controls for heating, lighting, health, security and even cleaning! What I find exciting is that all these technologies are being managed via the cloud using apps on various phones and tablets so clients are feeling very comfortable engaging with them.

Intelligent Technology (IT) has so much more application, in fact I feel more awake playing with it!  Instead of boring people with megabytes and servers i can join in client’s conversations worried about using fossil fuels, or the quality of their tap water and provide real intelligent technology solutions that they can use.

Consulting and Education

My background in IT was training and this skill has served me well over the past eight years when helping clients to understand the various systems. I value this and when combined with my knowledge of the technology industry I can confidently provide consultancy and manage the implementation of various Intelligent Technology projects.

The next eight years and beyond

I feel we are in really exciting times where technology is integral to shifting the way we work and

Looking forward to the next eight years

Looking forward to the next eight years

play and helping us to connect more with others in more meaningful ways – I want to be there for you as your technology guide and help you navigate freely with the best technologies.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up with you real soon and helping in any way I can.

The IT Hound


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I am passionate about all things technical and in helping businesses to improve how they work and experience greater efficiencies with the right technology
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